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Issue 18: 22nd June  2018                 

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Thursday 28th June at 9.00 – Reception Beach Trip Meeting for parents

Friday 29th June at 9.15– Year 2 Sports Day on the school field – see below

Friday 29th June – Year 1 School Trip

Friday 6th July – Reception School Trip

Tuesday 10th July at 9.15 – Nursery, Reception and Year 1 Sports Day on the school field – see below

Thursday 12th July at 3.30 – Visit to new classrooms and meet new teachers – see below

Monday 16th July – Year 2 School Trip

Tuesday 17th July – Last day of Term for current Nursery

Wednesday 18th July at 9.10 – Year 2 Leavers’ Assembly (parents and children)

Thursday 19th July – Last day of Term for current Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Friday 20th July - Staff Training Day, School closed for children


Carterhatch Infant School was inspected by Ofsted on the 13th and 14th June 2018. A huge thank you goes to the whole school community and we are extremely proud of how hard our staff and children work. Inspectors commented on the children’s impeccable behaviour. We also appreciate parents and carers who shared their views, ideas and thoughts with Ofsted inspectors in person and/or on-line. Your views help us to reflect on our practice, celebrate what we are doing well and focus on things we need to get even better at.

Ofsted informed us that the final report will be available in around three weeks. We look forward to sharing the final report with you. Adrienne and Sarah Co Headteachers

Learning Power Buddies:

Introducing our second ‘Learning Power Buddy’, Problem Solving Pepe! As you know the children have spent some of their ‘Time to Talk’ sessions thinking about skills we need to help us learn and creating characters to help us remember. Problem Solving Pepe has the power to plan and think it through, be willing to try, think about different ways of doing things, talk to others if help is needed and not to worry if things do not go to plan. These skills can involve anything from your child solving problems in the work they do in school to finding the best way to resolve a problem they have with a friend. It’s all about thinking about their choices and finding the best solution. At home you could help by encouraging them to solve problems with you and when appropriate by themselves. A few examples,

  • If they have fallen out with a friend you could encourage them to think about the best way to resolve it or what they could do if it happens again.
  • If they are finding some maths homework difficult (adding numbers), you could encourage them to think about things they could do to make it easier for them e.g drawing pictures to add up objects, using a number line or counters.
  • If they are building a tower with lego or bricks and it keeps on falling down, questions you could use to encourage them to think about e.g Why do you think it keeps on falling down? Is there anything could do to make your model stronger?

Poetry workshop:

Year 1 had an exciting week of poetry workshops with poet Cheryl Moskowitz! They have written a selection of poems about 'Our World' and performed them using fantastic expression and confidence. 

A-Life Healthy Living Workshops: 

Children in Reception Year 1 and Year 2 had a great time last Friday at the A-Life Health Living Workshops. They learnt all about how to keep their bodies and minds healthy through hands on, interactive activities. Thank you to parents and carers who were able to attend, your support was much appreciated. More information and a seven day healthy challenge can be fouds at School Name: Carterhatch Infant School Password:skip. 

Sports Day Arrangements:

Families are warmly invited to this year’s sports mornings which are being held on the school playing field.

Year 2 sports morning will be on Friday 22nd June

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 sports morning will be on Tuesday 10th July (Afternoon Nursery children are welcome to join. Please let Jo know if you plan to attend so that she can plan accordingly)

Please ensure your child comes into school as usual for registration with their class teacher at 8.50am. Teachers will then bring their class over to the field. Please can parents/carers be ready to go over to the school field by 9.00am. Admission after this time will not be permitted due to health and safety reasons. Sports activities will begin at 9.15am. You are welcome to move along the activity stations to support your child, but please be mindful that children will need to stay with their group at all times. 

We ask that children come to school in their PE kit on the day of their sports morning: therefore PE kits will be sent home the day before. Please ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather, sun cream should be applied in the morning and children may bring a sunhat if necessary. Water will be available on the day, however if your child wishes to bring their own bottle of water that would be helpful.

The activities are scheduled to finish at 10.15am. Families are invited to join their children for a snack on the field. Children will return to class at 10.30am.

In the event of having to cancel either sports morning due to poor weather, we will text you by 8.00am.

We are all really looking forward to these sporty morning and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Free Cricket Coaching:

Six Cricket Coaching Sessions and free backpack with bat, ball, hat and activity book and t-shirt with Middlesex Cricket Club - starting Wednesday 27th June at 5.30 pm at Edmonton Cricket Club, for Year 2 children. A separate letter has been sent home regarding this if you would like to attend.


In light of the GDPR, we are rewriting and updating a number of our policies. In addition, the Acceptable Use agreement which parents sign will be amended. We will ask all parents to read and sign this in September. If you would like to read this before then please see our website.

The Benefits of Water Play and Bubbles:

  • They are incredibly fun!
  • Develops key skills, e.g. pouring, stirring, predicting, exploring, observing, squirting, squeezing, and blowing.
  • Manages stress through calming actions.
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills.
  • Provides opportunities for language development.
  • Encourages role play and crucial social skills like cooperation and sharing.
  • Stimulates imagination.
  • Gives children an understanding of the natural world.

Parking in Autumn Close:

Visitors, staff, children and emergency services are unable to access Russet House School at the beginning, middle and end of the school day. If an ambulance or fire engine should need to access the school they would be unable to do so. Please consider how you park around the school and be mindful of the safety of others.

Foundation Sports Holiday Arts and Crafts:

Foundation Sports are holding a Camp, delivering sports and arts and crafts at Carterhatch Infant School. Children from Carterhatch Infant and Junior School are being offered a reduced fee of £10.00 per day/£50.00 for the week (just sports) or £12.00/£55.00 for the week (sports and arts and crafts). If you are interested please come and collect a form from the school office.

Week 1: 23rd July to 27th July

Time: 9.00 - 3.00

Week 2: 30th July to 3rd August

Time: 9.00 - 3.00

Children will need to bring trainers, a water bottle and packed lunch. All staff are DBS checked and fully qualified.

Online Safety Tip:

If your child is being bullied online, save all available evidence and know where to report the incident, for example to the school, service provider, or the police if the law has been broken.

Teachers and Classes from September '18:


Nursery Leads - Ruth Richards and Emma Upton

Class Teachers - Jo Jenkins and Emma Upton


Reception Leads - Ruth Richards and Emma Upton

Penguin Class - Barry Woods

Panda Class - Emma Upton and Liz Jarvis

Dolphin Class - Tricia Mohamed

Year 1

Year 1 Lead - Emma Allgrove

Giraffe Class (previous class Dolphin) - Liz Zekayi (Hobdell)

Rhino class (previous class Penguin) - Gloria Heerasing

Gorilla Class (previous class Panda) - Emma allgrove

Year 2

Year 2 Lead - Sonia Furneaux

Jaguar Class (previous class Rhino) - Vikky Sivak

Tiger Class (previous class Gorilla) - Adam Porter

Leopard Class (previous class Giraffe) - Sonia Furneaux and Hayleigh Hudson

Parents and carers are invited to informally meet their child's new teacher and visit classrooms on 

Thursday 12th July at 3.30.