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Issue 17: 30th June 2017                 

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Monday 17th July at 9.00 – Reception End of Term and Attendance Assembly (all parents welcome)                                          Tuesday 18th July at 9.00 – Year 1 End of Term and Attendance Assembly (all parents welcome)                                    Wednesday 19th July at 9.00 – Year 2 End of Term and Attendance Assembly (all parents welcome)                               Wednesday 19th July between 3.30 and 4.45 – Year 1 and Reception parents and carers are invited to visit new class               Thursday 20th July – Non-School Uniform Day (50p donation to school)                                                                              Thursday 20th July at 1.45 – Coffee Afternoon for parents and carers                                                                                  Friday 21st July – Inset Day (School closed for children)                                                                                                       Monday 24th July to Friday 18th August - Jeanette will be running activities throughout the Summer Holiday (please see below for information and check the school website)

Tuesday 5th September – School reopens for children ready for learning at 8.50                                       Thursday 14th September at 2.45 – Life in Year 1 and 2 for Parents and Carers                                                             Tuesday 3rd October at 9.00 or 2.45 – Year 2 Meeting for Parents and Carers                                                                        Monday 23th October to Friday 27th October – Half Term                                                                                                  Monday 30th October - School reopens for children                                                               Thursday 21st December – Last day of term                                                                                                                           Friday 22nd December to Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – Winter Break                                                                               Wednesday 3rd January – School reopens for children                                                               Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February – Half Term                                                                                               Thursday 29th March – Last day of Term                                                                                                                               Friday 30th March to Friday 13th April – Spring Break                                                                                                            Monday 16th April – Inset Day (School closed for children)                                                                 Tuesday 17th April – School reopens for children                                                                       Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June – Half Term                                                                                                             Thursday 19th July – Last day at school for children                                                                                                              Thursday 3rd May – Polling Day, School closed                                                                           Monday 7th May – Bank Holiday, School closed                                                                       Monday 4th June – Inset Day (School closed for children)                                                                   Friday 20th July – Inset Day (School closed for children)


Message from Sarah and Adrienne, Co Headteachers:

Parents and Carers, We can’t believe another year has passed. Here we are at the end of another successful year at Carterhatch Infant School. There have been so many exciting activities and events throughout the year. As ever, we are indebted to the staff for their dedication and enthusiasm in organising such a broad range of experiences. Those sorts of experiences and memories will hopefully stay with your children for many years to come. Thanks also go to parents and carers for supporting us in a variety of ways. Sadly, there are some goodbyes as people move on to the next chapter in their lives. Karen Murphy, our Nursery Teacher, is leaving to spend more time with her family. We thank her for the past 5 years and the range of support she has offered our children and families. Joel Jackson and Lily Francis, Class Teachers in Reception and Year 2, have been with us since September. They are moving to new schools that are closer to their home. We thank them for all their work with the children and families and wish them luck in their new jobs. Jacqui Granger, our Year 1 Teacher, is also moving to a new school. We are really pleased that her new job will mean she gets to spend more time with her baby daughter. Jacqui played a key part in developing our Year 1 curriculum last year. We thank her for the hard work, dedication and playing a big role in making our outside areas an outstanding feature of our school. We wish her every success in her new school and I am sure they will be incorporating some of her great ideas into their setting. Tanyel and Alice, our Learning Assistants in Reception and Year 2 are moving on as they are both interested in studying to becoming teachers. We would like to thank them for their nurturing approach with our children and being part of making sure the children receive the best start in life. We wish them success in their new careers.

Finally goodbye to our Year 2 children and their families. It has been a pleasure having your children in our school and we wish them all the best for the future. We look forward to hearing about how they are doing in Year 3.

Happy Times – We would like to congratulate Lily Hobdell and Carol Poulton who are both getting married during the summer break. We wish you and your future husbands lots of happiness and will keep our fingers crossed that the sun is shining on your special day.

With best wishes, have a super break with your wonderful children and we look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 5th September. Adreinne Barrell and Sarah Clements Co-Headteachers



Last Day of the Summer Term 2017 – Thursday 20th July – Non-School Uniform Day

Please check school website for diary dates, this is continually updated


Year 1 Art Exhibition:

Children from Year 1 attended their art exhibition at the Dugdale Centre and met the Mayoress, Christine Hamilton and Ayfer Orhan Cabinet Member for Education in Enfield. Photo available on main newsletter. 

Smoothie Bike Challenge:                                                                 Thank you to everyone who participated, contributed and joined us for the Smoothie Bike Challenge on Wednesday. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and enjoyed tasting the smoothies. Altogether we raised…….. £107.22!         Fundraising:                                                                                   Thank you for supporting all the fundraising activities this year. The money you have raised is put towards the school and helps to make the children’s learning experiences challenging, fun and educational. We have used some of the proceeds towards a leaving gift for Year 2 children . Next year we will continue to offer activities such as sponsored walks, non school uniform days, gardening sale and an international food sale. We are also going to share proceeds with chosen charities such as Comic Relief and Children in Need. Speak to Jeanette if you have ideas on how we con continue to raise money for the school.

Courses for Parents and Carers:

British Sign Language - Level 1 held at Highlands School, £100 for a year

ESOL - starts Monday 18th September in the Junior School (for parents and carers for whom English is not their first language.) 

Functional Skills - If you would like to gain a qualification in Maths and/or English we are continuing to hold a free course on Mondays in the Infant School, The course runs for approximately fifteen weeks. 

Keeping Up with the Children - this is a five week course held in the Junior School on Friday afternoons from the 15th September. It helps parents of primary age children to understand and support their children with learning numeracy and to understand the curriculum. 

If you are interested in joining any of the above classes please speak to Jeanette. 

Classes for 2917/2018:

Penguin Class will move to Giraffe Class with Lily Hobdell and Yesim Hussein

Panda Class will move to Rhino Class with Vicky Sivak and Amanda Cooper

Dolphin Class will move to Gorilla Class with Emma Allgrove, Lynn Sidoli and Emily Mills

Rhino Class will move to Jaguar class with Emma Upton and Lucas Stavri                                                                                   Gorilla Class will move to Tiger Class with Liz Bronson, Helen Kakouris and Magdalena Slade Giraffe Class will move to Leopard Class with Sonia Furneaux, Hayleigh Hudson and Charlene Williams

Transitions in School:

Children throughout the school have been visiting their new classes and meeting staff they will be working with next year. Parents from current Year 1 and Reception are invited to meet the teachers on Wednesday 19th July from 3.30 (Giraffe parents, please note that Lily will not be available but you are welcome to visit the class and to meet Yesim.) Once Year 1 and Year 2 children have settled in to their classes in the Autumn Term there will be meetings for parents and carers. Please record in your diaries. Thursday 14th September at 2.45 - Life in Year 1 and 2 and Tuesday 3rd October at 9.00 and 2.45 - Year 2 Parents and Carers' Meeting. 

Sunflower Competition:

To all families who brought a sunflower plant, please continue to grow your sunflower over the summer holidays. Work together with your child to measure it's height in centimetres and take a photograph.  Either bring your photograph and measurement in September to give to your child's class teacher or email your entry to The winner will be announced in September and will receive their prize - happy growing.