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NEWSLETTER FOR GOOGLE TRANSLATE: No 10 Newsletter 3rd May 2024


Wednesday 15th May  - Reception Beach Trip Meeting for Parents at 9:00am

Thursday 16th May - School Class Photos

Monday 20th - Friday 24th May Reception Parents Maths Workshop (more information to follow)

Friday 24th May - Parents invited to Spring Hunt at 2:30pm

Friday 24th May - Last Day of Half Term - School will close at 2:30pm

Monday 27th - Friday 31st May - School Closed - Half Term Break

Monday 3rd June - Staff Training Day - School Closed

Tuesday 4th June - Children Return to School

Wednesday 12th June - Reception Beach Trip

Thursday 20th June - Sports Day and Family Picnic (more information to follow)

Tuesday 25th June - Kangaroo and Joey Class - Fire Station Visit

Friday 28th June - Year 1 Trip to Hertfordshire Zoo (Paradise Wildlife Park)

Monday 8th July - Nursery Teddy Bears Picnic

Wednesday 10th July - Art Exhibition and Pre-loved uniform sale (more information to follow)

Tuesday 16th July - Year 2 Performance at 9:00am

Wednesday 17th July - Year 2 Performance at 2:30pm

Tuesday 23rd July - Last Day of Term - School will close at 1:45pm- Non-school Uniform Day

Tesco Stronger Starts:

We are very excited to reveal that we have been selected for the Customer Vote, Tesco Stronger Starts scheme. This scheme gives community projects like us grants of up to £1,500. We are hoping to receive the grant so that we can develop our Forest School further.

Some of the key benefits we have seen since starting our Forest School include:

· Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

· Improved social skills and cooperation.

· Increased physical fitness and coordination.

· Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making skills.

· Increased understanding of nature and the environment.

Tesco's customers will be able to vote in various Enfield stores during the months of April, May and June to decide how much funding we get, so please support us by using the blue token given at the check-out each time you shop at Tesco!

For more information about the Stronger Starts scheme, please follow the link

Thank you. 

Spring Hunt

Unfortunately due to weather, we had to cancel our Spring Egg Hunt last term.

After listening to feedback from children and parents, we will be holding a Spring Hunt on Friday 24th May. We would love for you to join us.

Can you follow the trail and solve the puzzle to win your chocolate delight?

Entry Fee 50p

Starting at 2:30pm don’t be late…..

Children should be collected from their class as normal at 2:30pm

You can then join us on the field at the back of the school.

A Message from Nursery:

Recently we have been reading ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’ as our core texts. Through this we have been discussing what seeds and plants need to grow and the children have been given the opportunity to plant and grow their own seeds which we hope to observe growing over the coming weeks. 

Through the theme of growing, we have been looking at length and height with the children in their maths teaching time. The children have been learning the vocabulary tall and taller, long and longer, and short and shorter. We have been comparing heights and lengths of items in the nursery, including the children themselves! 

It would be great if you could continue this learning at home. Could they plant some seeds at home with you? Could they compare lengths and heights of items around the home? For example, you could challenge them to find something taller or shorter than themselves around the home.  If you do carry out any activities, please do share your photos on Tapestry! 

A Message from Reception:

We have recently been enjoying our core book ‘Poles Apart’. Through this core text, we have been looking at many aspects of learning, including art where the children have made their own polar bears and penguins and then through their writing practice, they have written speech bubbles for their animals! 

The children have also been thinking about Understanding the World where we have looked at the world map and globe to locate the different countries travelled to in the story ‘Poles Apart’. Through this we have looked at different landmarks found around the world such as The Pyramids of Giza, The Eiffel Tower, The London Eye and The Great Wall Of China to name a few. The children have then had a go at drawing their own pictures of some famous world landmarks. 

We would love for you to share a photo of somewhere your child has visited, in this country or abroad - it does not have to be a famous landmark but would be lovely for your child to be able to share a photo with their class, of a holiday or a special day out that they have been on. Please do share these on Tapestry. We look forward to seeing them.

A Message from Year One:


Although we attended the singing festival back in Spring term, we really wanted to share with you how fantastic our children were at taking part and performing!

They took part in the annual singing festival organised by Enfield Music Service at Capel Manor School. Year one had to learn 4 given songs and then learn a song of our own choice to perform to the other schools. All 3 classes did us proud, remembering all the lyrics and actions.  Ruth Betteridge, the compere for the festival, had fed back to us how impressed she was with the expression and confidence of the performance by Carterhatch Infants. 

“I love singing, it makes me feel happy!” – Zainab

“The Rainbow song is my favourite song!” - Frazer


During the month of May. Years 1 and 2 will be learning about the composer John Lennon, born in England in 1940. He was a songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist. He gained worldwide fame for being a lead vocalist in a band named The Beatles.

A Message from Year 2:

Summer Term has arrived! A huge welcome to the summer – let’s hope it lasts!   We have had a busy start to the term and as always, the children are working incredibly hard on their reading, writing and mathematics. No matter what route you take in life it is certain that you will need these skills in both a personal and professional capacity on a regular basis. Simply put, you can’t go a day without using Maths and English in some way, shape or form.  Please continue to support your child at home to develop their reading, writing and multiplication skills by spending time with them daily on these tasks. Small, fifteen-minute slots really do make a difference and every little bit of time helps. 

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

The children are looking forward to our planned art exhibition at the end of summer term.  We have covered the work of several artists this year and provided children with opportunities to develop their own masterpieces. They are looking forward to displaying their own talent in the very near future. You may want to hang on to these as they could be a future Picasso or Rembrandt in the making!

Learning Friends:

Congratulations to the following children who have received a certificate this month for demonstrating our school values!

Dolphin Class: Sener, Bella, Rickaiya, Candace, Hannah, Alexander

Panda Class: Huseyin, Kyrie, Yusra

Penguin Class: Shehan, Zheyshmika

Rhino Class: Virsaviya, Theo G, Aren, Eden

Gorilla Class: Tyra, Kaleb. Muhammed, Hailey

Giraffe Class: Ozazee, Ayshe

Tiger Class: Flavio, Maryam 

Leopard Class: Noshita, Andreas

Jaguar Class: Lily, Abdullahi

During the month of April, 137 children received an award for 100% attendance and 56 children received an additional 100% attendance award for the Spring Term. Well Done !

Attendance Archie is looking out for all of the children attending school every day!


We know that in Enfield there is a major housing crisis that is impacting many of our children and families. For anyone that is experiencing housing concerns or has any questions, Enfield Council are holding tenants’ and    leaseholders’ conferences in June and July. Please follow the link below for more information. download.asp (

Passover: 22nd- 29th April 2024

Passover or Pesach, is a Jewish holiday commemorating the exodus of the Israelites from slavery. Passover is a good time to acknowledge the significance of family and friends, and to express gratitude for your freedom. We hope that all of our families who celebrated this holiday had a very happy Passover!

National Sun Awareness Week: 6th- 12th May 2024

As the weather is beginning to get warmer and as part of National Sun Awareness Week, the children will be learning about the importance of staying safe in the sun, through learning the Wrap, Splat, Hat message.

Alongside this topic, children will be learning about water safety.

Mental Health Awareness Week: 13th - 19th May 2024

This year's Mental Health Awareness theme is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”. Moving our bodies is important for our mental health. Yet research by the Mental Health Foundation shows that more than a third of UK adults find it challenging to find the time for movement.

During this week Children will be learning about the importance of movement and using movement to support their own mental health.

You can join in with them at home by trying some of the BBC’s short Moodbooster videos to inspire everyone at home to boost their mood, feel good, and use movement to help them understand their emotions and manage     feelings together as a family:

Online Safety Top Tip

Each month we will be sharing an online safety tip to support parents/carers knowledge of different apps that are available.


YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can watch, share and create videos – while this platform has some great content and aspects that are educational it also contains risks.

An example of a risk on YouTube is that after a video finishes it will suggest other types of videos for you to watch.

Sometimes these might play automatically. A child might also click on content which appears appropriate, but actually contains adult themes. This puts children and young people at risk of seeing content that might be inappropriate.

For more advice on the risks around using YouTube and support in how to keep children safe on this app are  available at

Does your child find it difficult to attend school for emotional reasons?

The Enfield Educational Psychology Service will be holding a two part, online workshop for parents and carers. The aim of the workshop is to learn more about anxiety, explore what feels helpful for your child and family, discuss working together with schools to help young people attend, share your thoughts and ideas with each other & identify what help and support is available, connect with other parents and carers with similar concerns, consider how we can look after ourselves when things are hard. Please follow the link for more information download.asp (

Parent/Carer Courses:

Please continue to check out our school website for available parent and carer courses and workshops. Many of them are free to Enfield residents!! Carterhatch Infant School - Courses for Parents and Carers

Walk to School Week

Walk to school week takes place between the 20th and the 24th May and the aim is for pupils to be well on their way to reaching their recommended sixty minutes minimum of physical activity per day before even reaching the school gates! Not only will it set them up for a positive day in the classroom, it will also help create healthy habits for life.

We would ask, if possible, to make arrangements so that your child/children can travel actively to school on week commencing 20th May, helping our school reduce congestion and pollution around the school gates. In return, your child will earn special stickers and a reward trophy! Walking, wheeling, scooting and cycling all count! If you live far away from school and need to drive or take public transport, try parking the car or hopping off the bus/train ten minutes away and walking the rest of the journey. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

A Message from Chickenshed:

Join Chickenshed’s 50th anniversary Wonder Walk!

To celebrate our 50th anniversary we are excited to invite you to join us at our first ever Wonder Walk!

On Sun 9 Jun hundreds of people will meet and take part in walking our accessible 5K, or 10K routes around the surrounding areas of Chickenshed and help us reach our goal of raising £40,000 through individual and team fundraising.

Join us from 9.30am where we'll be shaking things up and getting the party started with music, face-painting and  refreshments.  Plus, we'll be making some magic as The Tales Team join us! Meet some of your little one’s favourite characters and join in the brand new Tales Trails along the way…!

Take part in a lively warm-up at 10.45am and get ready to set off on your chosen path at 11am!

 After your walk, collect your medal and join us to celebrate at our Garden Party for a complimentary glass of fizz (or soft drink), music, food, and drink.

Sign up today and receive a Bank Holiday discount! Save 25% on the registration fees using code BH25 up to and including Monday 6th May

Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre company that works with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to create outstanding and inspiring theatre that changes lives.  Watch a short video to find out more.