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Issue 18: 14th May 2021              

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Friday 18th June – Dress in colours for Euro 2021 (see below)

Tuesday 20th  July – Last day of term for Nursery                                                                                                     

Thursday 22nd July – Last day of term for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2                                                                               

Friday 23rd July – Staff Training Day, school closed for children   

Please see below for Term Dates for 2021 to 2022 

School Timings                                           

Nursery - 8.30 to 11.30 & 12.30 to 3.30                 Reception - 8.50 to 3.15                     Year 1 & Year 2 - 8.45 to 3.00  


Dear parents and carers,

Thank you for continuing to keep our school community safe by adhering to our school rules; social distancing, masks, one way system and accompanying your child and handing over to staff. Don’t forget whilst supervising your children in the playground they stay away from any equipment to stop cross infection, thank you.                                                  

We hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and look forward to a safe, happy last few weeks of term.            

Adrienne and Sarah, Coheads


Euro 2021:

As some of you may know, Euro 2021 started last Friday. On Friday 18th June, we are having a Euro 2021 dress up day. Children and staff are encouraged to wear the football shirt or clothes in the colours representing a country playing in the Euro competition. We ask that your child brings a donation of £1.00 to go towards future events and activities carried out across the school. We look forward to seeing who you will be supporting. May the best team win!

Please check the main newsletter for colours.


Makaton, Sign of the Week: 

14.6.21 -                                                                                          21.06.21 - 

What is Makaton?

Makaton has been shown to be useful for all sorts of people including those who struggle with understanding concepts, those who have difficulties with literacy skills, including grammatical knowledge, and those with English as an Additional Language. By using Makaton, children and adults can take a more active part in life, because communication and language are the key to everything we do and learn.

Year 2:

In recent weeks we have been making the most of the hot weather and outdoor learning as much as possible across the curriculum.  We have been able to safely go on walks within the school grounds and recently planted a variety of vegetables.   The children have really enjoyed watching them grow from seeds, into seedlings and then mature plants.  Some of you may have noticed our thriving outdoor flower beds as you collect your children. 

In addition, the children have been keen to spot and identify the different leaves on different herbs and vegetables, such as spinach, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.  It would be really beneficial if you could take your child for a nature walk to compliment what we have been doing in school.  Locally, we have Parkside Farm in Enfield that has been growing many fruit and vegetable crops for years.  You are able to take your children here and pick the crops that are in season for a small fee.  I will include the link.  It is a lovely way to spend time with your children and there is something very rewarding about eating food you have picked yourself! For those of you that are not green fingered it really is easy to grow herbs at home from seed and you do not need a garden to do so.  We have found that it is a lot cheaper than buying herbs and fruits from a shop and really satisfying to eat our own grown produce.  The children are very capable of supporting you do this from their experiences in school.  Give it a try at home as they are becoming experts in this field and I think we could have a few future farmers in our midst!                                                                                                             

Parkside Farm Enfield

Year Two Team

Year 1:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

In Year One we have been thinking about reading and how reading makes us feel – happy, excited, astonished, and shocked. We have also been discussing where we can read and who we can read to. In the garden with the bumble bees? In the lounge to our pet fish? On a train or bus journey. We are challenging children to think about all of these ideas. We would love to see photos of them which can be sent to the class email.

Children will receive a challenge stamp and we will display their photos in the Year One corridor outside Giraffe Class. We cannot wait to see some super photos! Let’s get reading!


During the summer term please apply sun cream before school and send your child in with a sun hat and a named water bottle. Staff remind children to drink throughout the day and they can top up their water bottles. To help staff, please remind your child to drink throughout the day.


In order to keep our children safe to learn outdoors whilst we enjoy this beautiful weather, please apply sun cream for your child at home before the session and pack a sun hat for them to wear. Children should also      

bring a water bottle with their name on it. Please ensure all school cardigans and jumpers are labelled with your child’s name so they do not get lost or mixed up when they take them off in the hot weather.

Wrap, Splat, Hat:                                                                   

 Over the coming weeks children will be learning about Healthy Living, including staying safe in the sun as the nicer weather arrives. Children will be taught 'Wrap, Splat, Hat' as an easy way of remembering how to stay safe in the sun.

Term Dates 2021 - 2022

Autumn term dates – School starts Thursday 2nd September 2021

Wednesday 1st September 2021 – Staff Training Day

Thursday 2nd September 2021 – Children return to school


Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October 2021

Monday 1st November 2021 – Staff Training Day

Last day for children Friday 17th December 2021


Spring term dates – School Starts Wednesday 5th January 2022

Monday 3rd January 2022 – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Staff Training Day

Wednesday 5th January 2022 – Children return to school


Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February 2022

Last day for children Friday 1st April 2022


Summer term dates – School starts Tuesday 19th April 2022

Monday 18th April 2022 – Bank Holiday

Children return to school on Tuesday 19th April 2022

Monday 2nd May 2022 – Bank Holiday

Half-term - Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2022

Monday 6th June 2022 – Staff Training Day

Children return after half-term on Tuesday 7th June 2022


Last day for Nursery – Wednesday 20th July 2022

Last day for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – Thursday 21st July 2022

Friday 22nd July 2022 – Staff Training Day


** The school will be closed on the following dates:

Wednesday 1st September 2021 – Staff Training Day

Monday 1st November 2021 – Staff Training Day

Monday 3rd January 2022 – Bank Holiday

Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Staff Training Day

Monday 18th April 2022 – Bank Holiday

Monday 2nd May 2022 – Bank Holiday

Monday 6th June 2022 – Staff Training Day

Friday 22nd July 2022 – Staff Training Day



If you are travelling abroad during the summer holidays please be aware of the travel restrictions on your return as they may change.

If you are required to quarantine or isolate and it affects the start of term you will need to email the school office –  

Please note that absence from school will affect your child’s learning and overall attendance record.