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Issue 12: 26th February 2021              

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you managed to have a break over half term and enjoyed the warmer weather after all the snow!                

Lovely to see the daffodils beginning to come to life.

After the government’s advice we are so looking forward to seeing our lovely children and families on Monday, 8th March.  It has been a long time and we would like to thank all of you for your support with remote learning and our amazing staff for their dedication in sharing creative and enjoyable learning activities virtually!  We have all learnt so many new skills together!   

We understand that for many children and their families it is fantastic news that children can return to school.  However, for some children and families this may also be an anxious time.  We will work with families to support children back into school to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We will strive to keep all our community as safe and will continue with children in ‘bubbles’.  Staff will also stay within their classes and not mix as much as possible. We will be revisiting our risk assessment to make sure we follow all the guidelines that have been shared by the government.                           

Since the school was last open, there have been some changes – staff are now doing twice weekly Lateral Flow Device tests at home and the vaccination programme is rolling out. The LFD tests help to pick up COVID cases in staff before they develop symptoms.                                                                                                                                       

Thank you for completing the remote learning surveys.  We have had some really kind comments.  If you haven’t had a chance to complete the survey, we would really value any comments you may have.  

             Please note that we will be sending out a letter next week with arrangements for the 8th March

     (Currently there are no plans for opening Breakfast and Afterschool Club, this will be reviewed during the summer term)

Keep safe and well!

Best wishes, Adrienne and Sarah

To see photos of Year 2 learning in the sunshine in school please see our main newsletter. 

World Book Day:

  It is World Book Day next week on Thursday, 4th March. You should have already received your single use digital £1 book token. Please visit the website to check this year’s £1 books

We have prepared some activities for you as well. You can watch Barry, one of our teachers, read Oliver Jeffer’s book “Here We Are” on j2launch and on Tapestry (live from Monday 1st March). This is a wonderful book helping children make sense of the world and their role in it.                                                                                                            

Please try some of the activities linked to this book with your child/children at home next week. They are on j2launch as well together with some scans from the book. Have a great time!

More WBD ideas on:

Top Tips for Remote Learning:

Healthy Minds and Bodies:

Message from the Oral Health Promotion Team -                                         

Our vision is that every child is given the best start in life and the opportunity to grow up free from dental decay. Tooth decay is largely preventable, yet it remains a serious problem. We aim to improve the oral health of all children. As part of SUGAR SMART, we want to inform how fizzy drinks affect your child’s teeth.

Sugar in fizzy drinks combines with bacteria in your mouth to form acid, which attacks the teeth. Diet or ‘sugar-free’ soda contains its own acid, which also can damage teeth. Each attack lasts about twenty minutes and starts over with every sip of soda you take. These on-going acid attacks weaken the tooth enamel.


How can you cut down the amount of sugar you have in your child’s diet? The easiest way to cut down the amount of sugar you have in your diet is through simple swaps:

Change fizzy drinks to water.

Choose lower fat milks.

Choose sugar free or no sugar options.


It is also important to be aware of drinks that are fizzy but contain no sugar.                                     

Drinks that contain acid to make them fizzy can cause dental erosion.                                                 Dental erosion is when the acid in some drinks mainly fizzy wear away the enamel.


A beginner’s guide to mindfulness:[42122_PANUK_NLT_07_ENG_BBCHeadroom_RET_O35]-20210216-[bbcwales_bbcheadroomabeginnersguidetomindfulmeditation_healthandwellbeing.


Virtual P.E.:                                                                                                                          

This week's online P.E. lesson is ready for you to view. We are focussing on football skills in today's lesson. You can have a go at this lesson indoors or outdoors, you don't need a lot of space.

P.E. Skills Lesson 1:                                                                                                   


This week’s P.E. Celebration -                                                 

You can still send your pictures and clips to to be included in the last P.E. Celebration

In School P.E from 8th March:                                                      

Don’t forget to send your child to school in their P.E kits on the days they do P.E.

Monday – Year 1           Tuesday – Year 2

Appropriate safe, weatherproof clothing and footwear

Stay Home, Stay Safe Guidance available in our main newsletter.