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Issue 10: 14th February 2020              

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Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February – Half Term                                                                        

Wednesday 26th February – Year 1 first swimming class                                                                                   

Wednesday 26th February at 9.00 – Panda Class My Maths                                                                            

Thursday 27th February at 1.30 to 5.00 – Year 2 Parent Consultations                                                                                      Monday 2nd March – Penguin Breakfast (parents invited)                                                                                     

Tuesday 3rd March – Panda Breakfast (parents invited)                                                                                                          Wednesday 4th March – Dolphin Breakfast (parents invited)                                                                                                    Friday 6th March – World Book Day                                                                                                              

Wednesday 11th March – Year 2 Maths Celebration                                                                                            

Week beginning 16th March – Wonderful Woman’s Week (information to follow)                                                

Thursday 19th March – Song Sack (parents invited)                                                                                             

Friday 27th March – International Food Sale (school finishes at 3.00)                                                              

Friday 3rd April – last day of term/ non-school uniform day (school finishes at 2.15)                                     

Thursday 7th May – School closed for Polling Day                                                                                                    

Friday 8th May – Bank Holiday school closed                                                                                                     

Tuesday 19th May at 9.00 – Year 1 Phonic Meeting for parents                                                                            

Monday 25th May  to Friday 29th May – Half Term                                                                                

Monday 1st June – Staff training day, school closed for children                                                                 

Wednesday 3rd June at 9.00 – Reception Trip Meeting for parents                                                                

Wednesday 15th July – last day of school for nursery                                                                                        

Friday 17th July – last day of school for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2/non-school uniform day (school finishes at 2.15) Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July – staff training day – school closed for children                                         

World Book Day on Friday 6th March:                                     

During the week beginning Monday 2nd March the children will be participating in lots of activities to celebrate books and reading. Please note that we are recognising World Book Day on Friday 6th March this year. Children and staff can dress in their favourite book character, ideas such as, wear pyjamas to reflect a favourite character or draw a character of choice onto a cheap or old t-shirt, make a hat or a mask out of paper or even face paint. Please don’t feel that you must buy anything new and there is no donation on this day.  If you are worried about providing something for your child to wear please speak to a member of staff.  

More ideas can be found here -                                                                                      

Year 2:   


















Sam and Tom share the fruit equally.                                                                                                      

There are 4 apples, 3 oranges, 1 pear and 1 banana.                                                                                 

How many of each fruit do they receive?                                                                                      

Complete the table.

Year Two children have been working on division this week. Have a go at solving this week’s challenge!  

Year 1:                                                                  


All the children enjoyed their water safety talk this week with Michelle from Albany Swimming Pool and had lots of questions answered about the swimming sessions.

Year one begin swimming the first Wednesday back after the half term break - 26.2.20.  Please bring all swimming kits in by the 24th February at the latest.  Below is a photo of the items needed and please make sure children wear tracksuit bottoms on swim day so it's easy for pupils to change and no jewellery for safety reasons.  Thank you.

"Girls need to remember a swim hat and swimsuit," - Amani

"Everyone needs a towel to get dry!" – Rhema                     

 "Boys need some swimming trunks and we all need a bag for our kits," - Andreas



Thank you to those parents that have attended Dolphin and Penguin's Maths sessions this week.  It is so important to have your support and the children always love to have their family members here to share what they do in class.  We have rescheduled Panda Class session for Wednesday 26th February at 9.00. 

It is so important to continue, and apply their learning in Maths, at home.  Ways to encourage your child with their Maths out of school are:

  • When out for a walk or drive, see how many numbers or shapes they can recognise in the environments such as door numbers, bus numbers, the shape of a door or a clock etc.
  • Encourage them to help you with simple addition when out shopping, for example 'I have got 2 apples and 3 pears, how many pieces of fruit have I got altogether?'
  • Encourage them to work out simple subtraction sums when at home, for example 'We had 10 sweets and you have eaten 3, how many are left?'
  • Hide number cards around the house 0-10 or 0-20 and once they have found them all, see if they can put them in order. Take a number card away, which one is missing?  Ask questions such as, 'What is 1 more than 3?  What is 1 less than 14?'

If you want more ideas of fun activities you could possibly do with your child at home or games they could play, please see the links below:

Many Thanks, 

The Reception Team


The Nursery children had a lovely time visiting Sainsbury's throughout the week in preparation for their Teddy Bear's Picnic. They joined in making jam sandwiches and preparing the food to share together for the Picnic.

We have been sharing lots of books about teddies and bears to support the children's learning and vocabulary. A favourite has been 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' - see if your child can recall it? There is a great version of it on YouTube.


Remember to login to Tapestry to see what your child has been up to in their learning. If you are having problems logging in please speak to a member of staff

Learning Power Buddies Certificates:                            

Congratulations to the following children who have been awarded Learning Power certificates.

Tiger Class – Ecrin & Louis

Jaguar Class – Imaan & Isaac

Leopard Class -  Eleta & Zaya

Gorilla Class – Baran, Thivisha & Thomas

 Rhino Class  - Alessio, Efe & Yusuf

Giraffe Class – Esan & Nyamekye


Health Care Level 2:                                                      

Barnet and Soutgate College in Partnership with the Adult Learning Academy

Level 2 Health Care Qualification and Skills for Care Certificate for the Unemployed or Economically Inactive  Enrolment: Monday 9th March at 9.00                                                                 

Location: Carterhatch Children’s Centre                                                     

To enrol please bring the following documents:                                                                                                                           National Insurance Number (NI Number)                    

Passport and /or residency documents                                                                                                                         

One proof of address (Utility bills, bank statements, tax letter or your latest council tax letter dated within the last three months)                                                                                                                                          

Benefit Letters (if you are in receipt of benefits)                                                                                               

Universal credits that show payments breakdown if you get any payments                                   

Please speak to Jeanette if you haven’t yet signed up for this course

 Safer Internet Week:                                                    

Have you heard of Google Family Link?  This is an app which allows you to manage your children’s screen time and security. For more information please go to - you would like support in how to download the app on to your phone please book an appointment with Jeanette.


Trip Contributions:                                                                                                                                      

Thank you to those who have made their trip contributions so far this year.  The percentages paid by each year group are:

Nursery - 55%

Reception - 50%

Year 1 - 51% and

Year 2 - 56%

Well done Year 2!

If you have not yet paid your contributions, please do so via ParentPay or at the school office.                                                  

Half Term Activities:                                                

Cycle Confident are offering free cycle lessons for 4 to 9 years olds at Russet House School during half term. For more information and to book your child’s place please visit -  

Foundation Sports Spring Term 2:                                            

Clubs are now available to book. Please put correct payment in a clearly written envelope with your child’s name, class, club/clubs and cash amount enclosed.