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The best start in life for all our children.




March 4th - March 12th - Year 1 Story Time with Parents - Individual invites have been sent out to parents.

Thursday 7th March - Kangaroo Class - Story Time with Parents - Invites have been sent out to parents.

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day - Information below - Donations Welcome

Wednesday 13th March - Giraffe Class Trip to Durants Park

Thursday 14th March - Reception Parents are invited to Story Café 

Friday 15th March - Red Nose Day - Comic Relief - Donations Welcome

Monday March 18th - Year 1 - Singing Festival

March 18th - March 26th - Parent Consultations- Appointments to be booked on the Arbor App

Tuesday March 19th - Reception Parents are invited to join Song Sack Session

Monday 25th March - Year 2 - Spring Egg Hunt - information below

Tuesday 26th March - Year 1 Spring Egg Hunt - information below

Wednesday 27th March - Reception Spring Egg Hunt- information below

Wednesday 27th March - Reception Forest School—Parents Invited

Thursday 28th March - Last day of Spring Term - School will be closing at 1:20pm

Friday 29th March - Friday 12th April - Spring Break

Monday 15th April - Children Return to School

The Last Day of Term:

To support our families who have children in the junior school, on the last day of term school will be closing at 1:20pm


Well done to everyone who has received an attendance award so far!

During the month of January, 87 children received an award for 100% attendance and 88 children received an additional 100% attendance award for spring  term 1.

Who will receive an award this month?

Good attendance and punctuality really impacts children's learning and confidence in the classroom.

Please follow the link for more information on what this means for you and your child.

  attendance-info-for-parents-april-23.pdf (

Attendance Archie will continue to look out for all of the children attending school every day!


Spring Egg Hunt:

Get ready for an EGG-citing adventure ……….

We will be holding a Spring Egg Hunt for each year group and would love for you to join us.

Can you follow the trail and solve the puzzle to win your chocolate delight?

Reception: Wednesday 27th March

Year 1:Tuesday 26th March

Year 2: Monday 25th March

Starting at 2:45pm each day don’t be late…..

Entry Fee 50p


Holiday Activity Funding:

Grocery vouchers have not been issued for a while now, holiday activity funding (HAF) vouchers have now been sent to all eligible parents. The vouchers will enable you to sign your child up for free activities over the Easter. School continues to support families with grocery packages via the Felix project every Wednesday, we rotate the families that receive this, if you would like to receive a bag each week please let the office know. Over the Easter the school will have available some basic boxes, these boxes will contain a range of basic provisions to support families for a couple of days. If you would like to register for these, please let the office know.

Funded by the U.K Government Household Support Fund.


A Message from Year 2:

Birds of a feather flock together…

Through the English curriculum the children in year two were able to learn about how they can reduce, reuse and recycle everyday items to help cut down on the amount of waste we throw away each year. They were able to discover ways in which we can look after our planet and help our wildlife survive. We have seen several birds local to Enfield (sparrows, robins, starlings, black birds, pigeons, robins and magpies) and are keeping an eye out for the gorgeous goldfinch which has been spotted locally. With all the food we provided the birds with this year, we are expecting to see some plump well-fed birds in the coming months.

A gentle reminder

Our parent/teacher meetings will be held in March and can be booked via the Arbor App. Your meeting will last ten minutes, and it is important that we discuss your child’s progress with you.

Please ensure that you make an appointment. 


A Message from Year 1:

The children have been busy completing their hand puppets for D and T. They have completed their design sheets and shown their fine motor skills by using the running stitch to join both parts. They looked back at their designs to carefully complete the face and body of their puppets so that it looked the same. Children chose their own materials and tools to complete this.

“I had to check my design carefully and then choose the right colours” – Halifatu

“I am good at this sewing!” – Moise

The next stage is to test and evaluate their puppet and thinking about what they like and what they might change next time.

A quick reminder

Year one are visiting Durants Park this half term. Please can you make sure that you have sent back the permission slip to your child’s class teacher or the office. The trip is free, so no payment is required.

Thank you


A message from Reception:

We hope everyone had a fun and restful half term week. 

This half term we are excited to be starting our forest school sessions. Despite the weather being quite wet in our first session last week, the children really enjoyed exploring the field, looking for signs of Spring coming soon as well as digging for worms and making wands with sticks they found outside. 

Please could we remind parents the children must have wellington boots on a Wednesday and a waterproof coat with a hood as we will go out even if it is raining! 

We will be looking over the children's reading records this half term and also carrying out our next phonic assessment to see the wonderful progress your child is making. 

Please do read with your child and practise the phonic sounds and tricky words we have sent home, regularly through the week - We recommend 5 times a week. It really does show in the progress the children make, who is regularly practising at home and those who are not.

We look forward to welcoming parents in for our story cafe in a couple of weeks time as well as joining us in our last song sack session this term- more info to follow shortly. 


Multi Skills Festival: 

Some of our children were lucky enough to be invited along to the Multi Skills Festival held at Lea Valley Sports Centre earlier this month. They had a great time learning new P.E games and skills.


Online Safety Day – 6th Feb 2024

The children were asked to reflect on things they had learnt about Online Safety and shared

 I learnt not to tell people my private information – Year 2

 I know not to show my real face to people online – Year 2

 I know that if we see a video that is scary, we don’t have to watch it and to tell an adult about it – Year 2

 Don’t share our password – Year 2 

 Online Safety means you have to be safe on the internet – Year 1


Number Day – Thank you!

Thank you to all the children, staff and parents who participated and donated money, as always funds will be shared between school and the NSPCC. It was great to see so many numbers around the school, the creativity and children having fun with number activities.


Red Nose Day - Comic Relief

Do something funny for money!

Red Nose Day is on Friday 15th March and we are inviting children and staff to dress in something red. 

More information to Follow ….


Personal Social Citizenship Health Economics:

This half term children will be learning about Money – What is it? Where does it come from? Spend it or Save it?. They will also be learning about the importance of sleep through Sleep Awareness week.

Please follow the link for some helpful sleep tips  to  promote healthy sleeping habits for your child.

sleep_tips.pdf (    


Children and Family Art Workshop:

On Saturday 2nd March, The Dugdale Arts Centre are holding a free Arts Workshop for children and families. This is a great opportunity for young people to meet local artists and learn about their work. Participants will be able to join in with creative workshops to make their own artworks, learn about Enfield and it’s industrial history.

All activities are on a drop-in basis from 12pm – 4pm.

See more details and book your free tickets here:


World Book Week: change of dates

We will be celebrating World Book week in the week starting 4th March 2024.

On Thursday 7th March (World Book Day), we are inviting children to dress up as storybook characters if you have the book at home that matches their character, it would be great to bring that in too. Remember reading bed time stories with your child is a precious opportunity for quality time together, and helps to foster a deep bond between you both. Does your child have a favourite bedtime story? We welcome children dressing up in their pyjamas on World Book Day to represent the importance of bedtime stories.

Year 1 team would like to invite you to join them for a special story time with the teachers and afterwards, to help your child choose two books to take home, which you will be able to keep, from the Children’s Book Project. Year 1 sessions will be held in the morning, 9:00 – 9:30 in the library in small groups. The sessions will take place between 4th March - 12th March 2024 - You will have received a letter to inform you of your day.

All children will be taking part in many fun activities promoting the love of reading. Nursery and Year 2 children will choose their next set of books from the Children’s Book Project with their class teachers and learning assistants.

Reception will host a Story Café for parents on Thursday 14th March at 2:15pm and you will be able to choose new books from the Children’s Book Project with your child to take home and keep.

Let’s start brainstorming dressing up ideas!!!

Please follow the link below for low cost costume making resources:


Learning Friends:

Congratulations to the following children who have received a certificate this month for demonstrating our school


Rhino Class: Alayah, Abass, Giulia, Lyla, Leanna, Mason R,

Gorilla Class: Ayse, Lena, Nerayah, Moise, Esther, Kaleb

Giraffe Class: Krzysztof, Cinar, Lazar, Scarlett, Sarah, Sia

Tiger Class: Cemre, Jasvir, Marie-Anne, Yigit

Leopard Class: Claudine, Noshita, Henry, Hazal                                           

Jaguar Class: Talia, Aylin, Aras, Elisa, Sali, Tyler


Parent Governor:

We have a vacancy for a Parent Governor on our Governing Body. If you are interested in becoming a School Governor could you please speak to Sarah Clements. We can then share information about a Parent Governor’s role and answer any questions you may have.