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Newsletter: 29/09/2023





Tuesday 26th September - Monday 9th October - Donations for Foodbank Collection are welcome

Monday 2nd October - Joey and Kangaroo Class - Macmillan Afternoon Tea 2:30pm - parents invited

Wednesday 4th October - Leopard Class - Macmillan Afternoon Tea 2:15pm - parents invited

Thursday 5th October - Jaguar Class - Macmillan Afternoon Tea - 215pm parents invited

Friday 6th October - Tiger Class - Macmillan Afternoon Tea 2:15pm - parents invited

Tuesday 10th October - Hello Yellow Day - Children are invited to wear yellow - Donations Welcome

Tuesday 10th October - Year 1 visit to Food Bank - Delivering donations collected.

Thursday 12th October - Daily Mile Launch Event - Parents Invited

Tuesday 17th October - Fluoride Treatment - Nursery, Reception and Year 1 (information to follow)

Wednesday 18th October - Year 2 Parents are invited to a meeting and tour of the junior school at 9am

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October - Half Term Break

Monday 30th October - Children return to school

Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November - Reception Parents are invited to a phonics session

Wednesday 1st November - Year 1 Forest School Begins

Monday 13th November - Flu Nasal Spray For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children

Tuesday 14th - Thursday 16th November - Parent Consultations

Friday 17th November - Children in Need - Children are invited to wear odd socks (non-school uniform) - Donations Welcome

Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd November - Reception Parents Maths Week (further information to follow)

Thursday 23rd November - Winter Wonderland Event 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Wednesday 29th November - Maths for Parents Year 2

Thursday 30th November - Year 2 Trip to Chicken Shed

Friday December 1st - Decoration Day - Non School Uniform - Donations Welcome

Wednesday December 6th - Year 1 Parents invited to Forest School

Friday 15th December - Year 1 Trip to theatre

Wednesday 20th December - Last Day of Term - Non School Uniform - Donations Welcome.

REMINDER: The school day starts at 8:45am

Registers will be taken at 8:50am, if your child arrives after 8:50am they will be marked as late. All children must be in time for registration. The school day ends at 3:15pm. Children being picked up late from school may be charged for After School Club.

Daily Mile Launch Event: We are inviting parents and carers to join their children in the launch of our Daily Mile on Thursday 12th October at 2:30pm. The Daily Mile is an inclusive, fun and social event where all children and adults can  complete their run at their own pace. The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children regardless of age,   ability or personal circumstances. We hope that you are able to come and join in the fun, the children will love to have you there!! Refreshments will be available for sale on the day 50p each.

Lost Property: We are already accumulating a number of lost jumpers in school this year. Please make sure that names are written on jumpers and cardigans. It makes it so much easier to return them to their rightful owners when they are lost or misplaced. Thank you.

A Message From the Co-Heads :

As you are aware, we had our routine Ofsted inspection on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. We were very proud of the children and their behaviour around the school and in class. The inspector was very complimentary about the children he met and spoke to. We would also like to thank you for taking the time to complete the Ofsted  questionnaire. It is important to have feedback so we can continue to support children and families in the best way we can. We have been told by the Inspector that the report will be published in around 30 days. We will inform you when this report will be available for you to read. 

Many thanks for your continued Support.

Adrienne and Sarah


We would like to welcome our new Education Welfare Officer Giulia Ponti, to our school Attendance Team. Giulia will be working with school to monitor children’s attendance and will be in contact with you if your child’s attendance drops below 95%, making you are aware that your child’s absence is a cause for concern.

It is widely recognised that the educational outcomes and future life chances of children can be significantly impacted upon by periods of absence. We believe that achieving outstanding levels of attendance is the way to each and   every pupil fulfilling their potential.

Reasons why your child should be in school include:

· It is the law

· They will make good progress both academically and socially

· They will find learning more satisfying

· Have an easier transfer to the junior school

· Help their class win a trophy for good attendance

Illnesses that will prevent your child coming to school

It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off of school or nursery when they are unwell. However, it is fine to send your child to school with a common cold or cough.

Illnesses that will keep your child off of school include:

· Vomiting and diahorrea (your child can return to school 48 hours after the last episode)

· High temperature with a diagnosed infection

· Hospital admission

· Dental surgery

Please follow the link to find further information and NHS guidance for when your child is not well enough to come to school. Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (



0 weeks of learning missed

Best chance of success

Well Done!!!




1 week & 4 days of learning missed

Best chance of success

Well Done!!!




3 weeks & 4 days of learning missed

Poor attendance

Cause for concern

Educational Welfare Officer will be contacted




5 weeks & 3 days of learning missed

Poor attendance

Serious cause for concern

Educational Welfare Officer will be contacted




7 weeks & 3 days of learning missed

Poor attendance

Serious cause for concern

Educational Welfare Officer will be contacted




9 weeks & 1 day of learning missed

Poor attendance

Serious cause for concern

Educational Welfare Officer will be contacted



Macmillan Afternoon Tea: Year 2 and our inclusion team will be hosting their class Afternoon Teas next week to raise vital funds in aid of cancer support and school fundraising. Donations are welcome for tea/coffee and cakes. The children will have already brought their    invitations home, we have included the dates again to remind you. Each class will be hosting in the main hall, Year 2 at 2:15pm and our inclusion team at 2:30pm.

Kangaroo and Joey Class: Monday 2nd October

Leopard Class: Wednesday 4th October

Jaguar Class: Thursday 5th October

Tiger Class: Friday 6th October

 You are welcome to donate a cake for this event  (Please ensure that they do not contain any traces of nuts as we have several children and staff with severe allergies).

From The Year Two Team:

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our parents that joined us for Daily  Supported Reading in year 2. The children were so excited to share this session with you and we hope it supports what you do at home. Many of you shared with us how you felt it would impact on what you do with your child in the future and were very grateful for new ideas to use. Please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s  teacher should you require any further support.

In Mathematics this week, we are beginning to teach children different methods for addition. Each topic covered will reflect what your children will be covering for home learning. Again, please let us know if we can help you with anything. 

From The Year One Team:

Year one have been reading The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis in their English sessions. They have been making predictions about the story, discussing emotions of a character, and creating their own Bog Babies!

 “I liked going to the pond to find a Bog Baby. There was lots of pondweed!” – Isaac

“I think the Bog Baby is happy because he can swing in the long stalks.” - Alara


We are encouraging the children to orally rehearse simple sentences before they write and make sure they are focused on letter formation.


Please can you make sure that your child brings their book bag every day to ensure we have opportunities to read with them as much as possible.

For health and safety reasons, earrings are not permitted during indoor and outdoor PE. Please can you make sure they are removed on Mondays and Tuesdays so that the children are able to participate in their PE lessons.

From The Reception Team:

The children were very excited this week to have visitors from the education resource centre ichild and Zapf Creations filming in their classrooms. The children were given the opportunity to take part in friendship education activities with the new BABY born Bear, which encourages friendship, roleplay and empathy, and to help children settle into their new school. Look out for the finished video on Zapf Creation’s social media platforms as well as our school website and our rebranded Twitter page X. We would like to say a big thank you to ichild and Zapf Creations for all of the amazing BABY born resources donated to school. The children will use these in their role play areas as tools to build on their Prime areas of development.

Hello Yellow:

#HelloYellow Day is almost upon us! A day set up by the charity Young Minds, to support young people's mental health on World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2023. The number of young people in need of mental health support is growing faster than ever. Most young people aren't getting the help they need, and this can't go on. That's why this year #HelloYellow is more important than ever. We need to make sure young people know that how they feel matters and they deserve to feel supported. We couldn't not get involved! We'll be joining thousands of other schools by wearing yellow to show young people that how they feel matters as well as raising money for Young Minds and school. To take part, students can wear yellow to school on Tuesday 10th October! Bringing a donation of up to £2. By taking part in #HelloYellow Day, we will be showing our young people that they're not alone with their mental health. We will be talking to the children about mental health and well-being, including resilience and bouncing back. Together, we can create a brighter future for children and young people. Here is one of the websites we are using that offers support and advice for talking to children about sensitive topics.

Please note that all your donations throughout the year are split between our chosen charities and school fundraising.

 Applying for Year 3, Reception and Nursery 2024:

School admissions is open – please apply for your child’s school place here -

Reception: Your child will start school in the September after your child turns 4. You will need to apply for a place in from the October before this. Please note that you do NOT automatically move up to Reception if your child attends our Nursery. Applications can be made on line via Enfield Council website,                                                  

School Nursery: Your child can attend a Nursery linked to a school for 15 hours in the September after your child turns 3. You will need to apply for a place from the October before this. Applications can be made on line (If you are eligible for 30 hour funding you will need to apply for funding before 31st August 2024. Please let school know that you require a place when you accept your 15 hour place in our school.                                                                                                    

Year 3: Children in Carterhatch Infant School will need to apply for Carterhatch Junior School from the September when joining Year 2.  You are invited to visit the junior school on Wednesday 18th October at 9.00am 

Applications can be made on line


Thank you to everyone who has been able to donate to our Foodbank collection, it is very much appreciated. We will be continuing to collect food and toiletry donations this week and until Monday 9th October. Some of the Year One children will be visiting North Enfield Foodbank to deliver all of the donations received. Enfield’s Foodbank supports those in our community who are in sudden food crisis. To find out more about the foodbank please follow the link North Enfield Foodbank - The Trussell Trust. We are a registered referral agency for the Foodbank, please speak to Sandra our family support worker if you are in financial difficulty or a crisis and need help with food.

Felix Project:

Each week the Felix Project donates food to the school. We choose names from a hat, so any family may receive a bag. Everyone is entitled to access the Felix Project, please let school know if you would like to receive a bag of food regularly or if you would like your name removed from the project. For more information on what to expect please visit Felix Project | Carterhatch Infant School and Children's Centres . We are in need of carrier bags for the project, if you have any spare please bring them to the school office. Thank you.

Walk to School Month:

The traffic and parking around school can be extremely challenging for our children, parents and our neighbours. Why not active travel on the school runs this October for International Walk to school month. Actively travelling to school is more fun than riding in a car, it helps you reach your daily exercise goal of 60 minutes and helps you     concentrate better at school. Walking, scooting or cycling your journey also improves your road safety awareness, and helps you become confident to travel independently. Walking is simple, free and a great way to exercise. Cycling & Scooting are fun and help improve your co-ordination, motor skills and balance.