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         Issue 10: 9th March 2023            



Wednesday 15th March - School Closed due to strike action.

Thursday 16th March - School closed due to strike action.

Friday 17th March - Red Nose Day.

Monday 20th March- Year 2 Trip to London - Tiger Class.

Tuesday 21st March - Year 2 Trip to London - Leopard Class.

Wednesday 22nd March - Year 2 Trip to London - Jaguar Class.

Thursday 23rd March-Children’s Clothes Sale (New Date).

Thursday 30th March - Millfield Dance Festival.

Friday 31st March - Last day of Term, non-school uniform day (donations welcome).

Monday 17th April - Children return to school.

Monday 1st May - Early May Bank Holiday.

Monday 8th May - Bank Holiday for The Coronation of King Charles.

Monday 15th May - Whole Class Photographs.

Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June - Half Term Break.

Monday 5th June - Staff Training.

Tuesday 6th June -  Children return to school.

Tuesday 18th July - Last day of term for nursery.

Thursday 20th July -  Last day of Term for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Reminder: The school day starts at 8:45am.

Registers will be taken at 8:50am, if your child arrives after 8:50am they will be marked as late. All children must be in time for registration. The school day ends at 3:15pm.

New Date!


Children’s Clothes Sale

 Thursday 23rd March at 8:45 am & at 3pm in the School Hall

All pre-loved clothes including school uniform 50p each.

If you have any clothing up to 10 years old, that your children have grown out of and you would like to donate, please bring them to the school office before 13th March.

The cost of living is impacting many of us and sometimes children do not wear their clothes for long before they grow out of them.

The money raised will go towards supporting all our children in school.

If any parent/carer would like to help on the day of the sale, could you please let Sandra, our Family Support Worker know.

Thank You!


Parent Governor:

We have a vacancy for a Parent Governor on our Governing Body. If you are interested in becoming a School Governor could you please speak to Sarah or Adrienne. We can then share information about a Parent Governor’s role and answer any questions you may have.  


Please donate carrier bags for our Felix Project Food Parcel Scheme and / or return any bags that have been given to you. 

Thank you.


From The Nursery Team:

Please make sure that you check your child’s Nursery bag every day. It is important that they have only a spare set of clothes and a water bottle labelled with their name inside. It has come to our attention that sometimes children are putting other items into their bag, such as coins, toys from home or food without their parents being aware. It is vital that food from home or coins are not brought into Nursery in order to keep our children safe. We have children in the Nursery with food allergies and coins pose a serious choking risk.

Following this, if you notice that your child has brought home a toy from the Nursery, please return it as soon as  possible and have a discussion with your child about why they should not take toys from Nursery.

Thank you for your co-operation.


From The Reception Team :

We have had lots of fun looking at our core book ‘Supertato’ for the last two weeks. The children have made lots of links across other areas of learning such as writing their own recipes and making pizza, making their own vegetable ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ and writing a wanted poster; this week they are starting to write their own stories.

We are encouraging the children to think about what characters are going to be in their stories, where it will be set, what the problem could be and how they can solve it to end the story.

When reading stories to your child at home, please encourage them to think about Who are the characters in the story? What are they doing? Where is the story set? What was the problem the characters had? How did they solve this problem? Encourage you child to answer in whole sentences, to support their use of new vocabulary and understanding in how to construct a sentence.

Please share with us on Tapestry your child’s favourite book from home, it will be lovely for the children to share this with their friends!


From The Year One Team :

We have had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Week! Year one read the book Splash by Claire Cashmore.

The children loved the story and how Claire overcame her fear of water to then win gold medals at the Paralympics. From this, we discussed our own fears and how to overcome them.

 Children also shared their favourite book character and explained why they liked them.

 Dressing up day was fantastic too, a big thank you to parents and carers who helped their child find a word and an outfit! We had some brilliant adjectives…

Curious  Sporty  Spooky  Delectable glamorous

Brave  Twinkly  Sparkly

…...and many more !


From The Year Two Team:

Year 2 were very excited to show off their World Book Day costumes. We were all very impressed by the wide range of ideas using adjectives for inspiration. Well done everybody!


Red Nose Day!

Next week, Friday 17th March is Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. Following on from the success of last year, this year we would like children to pay (sponsor) their Class Teacher to do something fun/funny. For example, Tiger Class will be having a penalty shoot-out against Adam - how many can they score? Dolphin Class will be challenging Jacqui to see how many extra clothes she can put on in 1 minute!

Money will be collected throughout the week, donations of up to £2. Please give the money to each class so that each teacher is sponsored. The class who raises the most money will get half the amount back towards a class treat of their choosing! Let the competition begin!.

On Friday we are also asking children and staff to wear something Red. This can be as much or as little as you want/have. There is no donation for this.


Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education:

As part of their PSHCE lesson this week, children have been learning about the     importance of sleep and how to get a goodnight’s sleep. They learned some facts and tips such as creating a relaxing bedtime routine and not using  tablets or phones too close to bedtime.

FACT: Children age 5-12 require on average about 10-11 hours of sleep per night.

FACT: It is common for children to experience a range of sleep problems at this age, such as difficulty falling and staying asleep, sleepwalking, sleep terrors, teeth grinding, nightmares or snoring. For more advice on the importance of sleep visit the websites below:

· Specific NHS advice on sleep is available here: 

·  Sleep Council: — for sleep tips and links to other organisations. 

Alternatively, you can speak to Sandra, Jo or Rebecca for advice.

Next week children will be learning about charity - as well as participating in Red Nose Day, we will be investigating what it means and what they do.


They will also be taking part in the BIG Legal Lesson 2023; learning about ‘what has the law got to do with me?’.



Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs, and speech to enable people to              communicate. It supports spoken language rather than replacing it. We use Makaton throughout school.  

This week we are learning the word plate.  


World Book Day:

Thank you to everyone who helped our children celebrate World Book Day, it was a great success. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their amazing costumes and their splendid adjectives!!

We hope you have found time to share the books from our Book Sale with your children, and would like to say a huge thank you to those of you who were able to donate books so that our families were able to build upon their book collections at home.