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Curriculum Rationale

Curriculum Rationale


At Carterhatch Infant School we review and assess our practice to provide exciting learning opportunities and experiences within a broad and balanced curriculum. We are passionate about promoting self-motivated learners who love the challenge and adventure of learning.


Our school has developed an excellent Early Years Foundation Stage which is child led with continual ‘in the moment’ learning which we share with many visitors. This instils positive attitudes towards learning, building confidence and resilience where children’s natural instincts to discover and explore are not stifled.


Our curriculum is carefully planned in line with the National Curriculum and is based on what we know engages our children, is relevant to their lives and exposes them to the arts, sport, adventure, creativity and challenge.


Curriculum Principles

  • We start from the children: we ask them what they enjoy and what they want to learn next; we talk to their parents and carers; and we observe them playing and learning;
  • Practical, first hand experiences, initiated by children’s interests, lend themselves to the richest learning opportunities;
  • Enabling environments with quality resources and sensitive adult support that is responsive to children’s needs and helps children to become independent learners;
  • Learning through play and exploration is most meaningful to children and leads to deeper learning and;
  • Curriculum provision reflects the rich and varied cultures in our local community and beyond.


Curriculum Foundations

  • Developing a sense of self through opportunities for personal, social and emotional learning, including the most effective ways of living and learning collaboratively within the wider world;
  • Promoting emotional and physical education alongside knowledge of how to stay safe and make healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Basic skills teaching of English and maths with practice and application;
  • Developing an understanding of the digital world and computing, including how to stay safe online and understand the impact of technology in the world we live;
  • Encouraging creativity through the arts and by thinking critically and taking risks;
  • Personalisation from class topics to individual learning journeys;
  • Environmental education –including growing, cooking and selling our own produce.


Curriculum Enrichment

  • Community Visits including the theatre, places of worship and local fire station;
  • Visitors including a local theatre group, road safety officer and an athlete who shared his gold medal with the children;
  • Partnerships including The Enfield Town Partnership (20 local schools). Children have participated in festivals for art, music, poetry and sporting competitions;
  • Focus weeks including Healthy Living, Friendship and Emotional Wellbeing week;
  • Extra-curricular activities for all children in KS1 include swimming, learning to ride a bike, horse riding and African drumming.


As a community we strive to encourage our children to be: 

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • Confident individuals, who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.


If you would like more information about our Curriculum

please speak to your child's Pastoral and Progress Year Group Leader

Ruth Richards – Nursery & Reception

Emma Allgrove – Year 1

Sonia Furneaux – Year 2