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Sporting Competitions and Events

Sporting Competitions and Events


At Carterhatch Infant School we encourage as many children as possible to get involved in competition in school and out of school. Sporting events and competition teaches our children important life skills; resilience, team work, understanding and the significance of rules, the importance of being active, self discipline, building confidence and self esteem and motivation. There are two types of competition, intra and inter.

Intra Events and Competitions


Intra competition involves competing across others in our school. Over the year our children have opportunities to compete against each other; in P.E. matches, an annual sports afternoon, skipping, hula hooping, monkey bar and climbing challenges. This year we have some exciting events to look forward to in school, such as 'Sports for Champions' fitness circuit and a skipping event 'Jump Rope for Heart'.

Inter Events and Competitions


Inter competition involves competing against other schools. We really value the experiences children gain from out of school trips and enjoy providing such opportunities for them to compete with schools across the borough. This page will keep you up to date with the competitions and sports festivals that we are entering this year.