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The best start in life for all our children.

Once your child has mastered all the words in the Reception list these words will support them through Key Stage 1.


about after again an another
April as August back ball
be because bed been black
blue boy brother brown but
by call called came can't
could December did dig do
don't door down eight eighteen
eleven February fifteen first five
four fourteen Friday from girl
good got green grey had
half has have help her
here him his home house
how if  January July jump
June just last laugh little
live lived love made make
man many March may May
Monday more much must name
new next night nine nineteen
not November now October off
old once one or orange
our out over people pull
purple push put ran red
Saturday saw school seen September
seven seventeen should sister six
sixteen so some Sunday take
ten than that their them
then there these thirteen three
Thursday time too took tree
Tuesday twelve twenty two us
very want water way Wednesday
were what when where white
who will with would yellow