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Aims and Values

Our Aim

The best start in life for all our children - no excuses - no compromise.

Our Values For Our Community  

Kindness – making our world a happier place 

Resilience – helping us stay strong when things get tough 

Perseverance – keep trying  

Be brave and challenge yourself – because you can…… 

Through our aims and values we hope and strive to achieve the following;  

  • We know all the children and their families well. Children love coming to school. Through strong relationships and regular dialogue we are able to target learning for every child so they that make the best progress possible.   

  • All children feel safe and they are happy in their individual identity.  

  • They love learning; they can talk about their own learning; how they manage the challenges it brings and how they celebrate their successes. They have a strong belief that they can go on and achieve in life.  

  • All children have a good grasp of basic skills of phonics, handwriting, spelling, reading, number bonds, multiplication, problem solving and computing skills.  

  • All children have time to reflect and plan their own learning so that they can explore their interests and develop and apply the skills they need to be independent learners.  

  • Parents and carers are partners in planning, teaching, facilitating and celebrating children's learning.    

  • All children develop personal and moral values that are respectful of others, irrespective of gender, religion, race, socio-economic factors/background or disability, leading to their appreciation and toleration of other ways of life.